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Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Camden County?

A misdemeanor is a crime that is ordinarily punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 12 months. What is more, people who are convicted of misdemeanor offenses would have to serve jail time in the county jails as opposed to federal or state prisons which are usually reserved for convicted criminals. Even, if you’re not charged with a felony, it can be truly upsetting having to face any criminal offense. If you are unlucky enough to be prosecuted for a misdemeanor and require a criminal defense attorney to represent you, then you may want to turn to NJ Traffic Court in Camden County, New Jersey.

Let’s have a look at some misdemeanors that are punishable by law.

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)

In the state of New Jersey, DWI is regarded a misdemeanor and penalties for this range from getting fined, serving probation or jail time, and even losing your driver’s license. Therefore, you may want to make use offree criminal attorney adviceto prepare the best defense possible. As there are no jury trials in New Jersey for driving while intoxicated cases, you should work with a litigation law firm so you may get a solid defense ready to present to the judge who is leading the case. When convicted of driving while intoxicated, your defense attorney may request leniency that is based on your family or economic circumstances.

What Happens When You Write Bad Checks?

It is way different writing a bad check than it is when a check bounces due to some mathematical or banking error on balancing your checkbook. When you write a bad check, you are knowingly writing out a check for funds that are not available. Even if you have $400 available, and you write a check for $800 when you know you only have $400 available, is considered a misdemeanor. If charged with writing a bad check, then you best bet would be to work with a Camden County, New Jersey law firms like NJ Traffic Court to see if a plea agreement can be reached to avoid going to trial.


Solicitation and Prostitution


Prostitution is closely tied to soliciting money in exchange for rendering sexual services and is also regarded as a misdemeanor. The person who offers the sexual services may be charged with prostitution and the one who exchanges the money for the services rendered with solicitation. If you have been charged with either of these offenses, it is regarded a good idea to consult with someone like Mark Bernstein as a member of the NJ Traffic Court law firm to plan your defense.


After all, misdemeanor crimes still have serious consequences. If you ever find yourself being charged with a misdemeanor crime, it is time to take your future into your hands and work alongside a Camden County NJ defense attorney to defend yourself against any charges.


What Does Vandalism All Involve?


Vandalism involves the intentional damaging of another person’s property using graffiti or anything else. Even though it is classified as a misdemeanor, it is still a serious matter. Defenses in Criminal Law like these require the skillful intervention a reputed defense attorney like Mark Bernstein who will advise you of the steps needed to prepare your defense.

Criminal defense attorney will represent you if charged with any number of indictable, criminal offenses. This may include various misdemeanor offenses together with more serious felony offenses that may result in lengthy jail terms and hefty fines if convicted. When you hire NJ Traffic Court to defend you against any indictable offenses, then Mark Bernstein will assist you throughout the entire case. Also, he will prepare and file documents and represent you at pretrial conferences. Furthermore, he works with prosecutors to reach a plea agreement, questions any witnesses during the trial, and will speak on your behalf in court.

A defense attorney will also assist you during domestic violence cases. If you have been unfortunate to be the victim of domestic violence, your attorney will represent you in court to ensure that protective orders are given and adhered to. If you have been wrongly accused of such an offense, then acriminal law attorney like Mark Bernstein will represent you to prove your innocence of the charges made against you.

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